Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hello~! I haven't updated in a while, and that is because I am a lazy person. HAHA. Yes, well school has started, for about a week and a half now. I am getting kind of used to it...i guess, I made new friends, and i enjoy myself. However, I am having a lot of trouble with French because the teacher just keeps talking on and on in French, and when someone asks for clarification, that is in FRENCH TOO! Well, I just have to study today and tomorrow, and hope for the best. I will also study this weekend, so that means, no playing. I really need to work hard, or I am gonna fall behind. It really sucks how I can't chillax anymore. Well, we also ran 3 laps in PE, and the old me, who wasn't lazing about for four months would think that was super easy. The new me, however, was dying after the first lap, but i kept running, only stopping to tell the teacher, or coach, my running number. I really need to exercise more. By the winter, I would like to have lost 10 pounds...or 5. HAHA. If that is possible, I would be extremely happy. My birthday celebration was uber fun. To those who couldn't make it, you missed out. aha, but i understand. (>3<) For those who came, THANK YOU!!! It couldn't have imagined a more fun karaoke party. Thank you for all the presents, I love them. (^___^) Now, i must get back to my piles of homework that are waiting for me. Bye Bye BICYCLE!