Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun in the Sun?

What a nice week of...HOT MELTING WEATHER! goodness, i was dying from the heat, and my face was sweating like a dog. I had many events to go to this week, including a reunion, and then the next week, a small BBQ get together. I was glad to see everyone, it was really fun. I don't think many people really changed though, so we might have to wait a couple more years until a full change in body/ character for all my friends. This also includes me, and my childish nature. I think i gotta start growing up soon, or else people will continue to treat me as such, which isn't very bad, because of the free candy you get. JUST KIDDING! Well, what is helpful for looking young is that, when i pass by the free condom givers, they overlook me. hahaha. thank you, because i think that stuff is gross. XD yes yes, very gross.
Back to the reunion~ We ate at this place with korean BBQ, and it had a grand total of about 690 dollars. GOSH. i can't believe it, but the food was good. Everyone was pigging out, and loud, so we had to keep pointing to the sign. Of course, i would sometimes scream out from the hot sparks that would fly onto my arm. haha. my clothes were really stinky afterwards, but it didn't matter because everyone else was also stinky.
We all gathered at a close friend's house, named Kristen. She was able to fit everyone, and people were all starting to get anxious. Some were playing games in the living room, others basketball, and many of them were also dancing. I also tried to get into the GROOOVY mood, but it didn't work out, so i just rode the scooter, played volley ball with a balloon, and rocked out with ROCK BAND. hahaha. i am a "sad case in Japanese history" haha, as someone always says.
Everything worked out great, and it was great seeing everyone. Hope this happens again <3

Monday, May 5, 2008

Vacation Days

Well hello there. It is Monday night, and i am quite sleepy, even though it is only 10:40, where most people are just getting started... I on the other hand get tired very easily, must be because of my small body...(yes yes, you may laugh!) I am finally on the vacation that i had been waiting for since January...(that's when the second semester of 9Th grade started). i am now an official sophomore. yay yay!!! *throws up graduation hats* wait! no time for that. It has been very hectic this week, going from one place to another...and i've spent WAYYY too much money without working for it. (i need to start doing more dishes and housework...) lets see..i went to take some purikura pictures wayyyy to many times and also went to six flags. I am having plenty of fun, but intercession/summer school starts on wednesday, so i gotta enjoy my freedom.

Recently, i have been reading many different manga series, such as Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club, and i hate the fact that i am unable to read japanese, and must use the American translations. Just understand them speak is great, but not being able to read it is very frustrating. Of course, i am still enjoying my days at the computer as an OTAKU. hahaha. (meaning super geek). My mom has been laughing at me when she looks over and i have tears dripping from my eyes and having a butt ugly face while speaking to the computer screen. Oh what good times. XD my imagination has been going wild because of these Shojo stories. Oh well, i love the LOVE.

What else...Oh right, i am going to get a hair cut tomorrow, and also going to karaoke with my mom. I LOVE SINGING. hahaha. it's such a fun activity..i need to make a list of songs to sing...maybe i will test out how good i am with the GREEEEN songs. Even though my days are full of activities, i was very lonely, so i decided to go visit my friends who go to fairfax. riding my bike there was very fun...they were all there, i missed them very much. <3333.
I must get back to my good night, and sleep tight. dont let the bed bugs bite *wink*