Saturday, April 19, 2008

Game Over

T___T. I have this new game, called TokiMeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season. It's this game where you spend 3 years, which is cut into probably 10 hours? or 6? and try to get this boy to fall in love with you. hahaha. I kno, who would play such a game? Well, i would. hahaha. It's very fun, and makes people fall in love with imaginary boys. Goodness, how bad is that? XD haha. Anyways, i was playing this game in the morning, waking up at 7 to do so. And!!! The boy i was after kind of disappeared. T___T i didn't know where he went, and then suddenly i was graduating. No romance. GREAT! hahaha. Well, i am going to try again later, but now i must do review for math. <3 Woohoo. okay. Bye bye.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Caramel Corn

Famima. It's a really nice place, with some japanese snacks, and a few things that you don't see at regular market places. It's kind of a replica of a japanese super market. My mom and i went shopping after school, and bought a bunch of snacks. Yum Yum! I am eating caramel corn at the moment, they are strawberry flavored. The snacks japanese people make are so delicious, not to sound conceded, but they taste hella good!! haha. I believe most people will agree with this statement. >___> haha. One more week of school! WOOHOO. i can't believe how fast time goes by. I'm kind of sad, and i will be a tenth grader in two months. Ew. I don't really want to grow up, but i guess i have no choice. Oh well. T___T I will just have to enjoy my childhood as long as i can. Good thing i look like a ten year old. <3 I best be getting back to eating my caramel corn and doing my project, which is my history final.

Have a nice weekend. :]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Test. Test. TEST!!!

Hello fellow bloggers. I am here once again, to inform you of my life that is nothing better than it was before. The loads of homework are still in my room, and now i have to study for three tests. WOW. i just love taking tests. I hope you know that was sarcasm. haha. Anyways, my school year has come to an end, i have a week left, with finals to look forward too. The two month break that i had been looking forward to is only a short distance away. I haven't really planned anything special, but i would like to be going to the pool and getting a tan, not those ugly farmer tans.

Well, next semester, ill be taking about three AP classes, which seems like something that will be taking up much of my time. THERE GOES MY LIFE!! That doesn't matter, i didn't have much of one before anyways. I mean, I do, but not like those teenage lives you see on television or movies. You know what i'm talking about, right? Those movies where the teenager has an alcoholic father, and escapes and becomes some huge celebrity. Well, something like that.. I just finished reading this awesome book, haha, my nerdy self has been unleashed. The book i found is called Looking for Alaska. It's about this guy named Miles who goes away to Boarding School, away from the loner life, and begins a whole new life towards what he calls, his "Great Perhaps". I personally loved the book, and whoever is reading this, i hope you check it out sometime. it was really good, it's an Young Adult book, so no kids under 13 !!! not like it matters, but there is some content not suitable for kids. Haha. What am i saying?? I watched Kill Bill when i was 10. XD goodness.

I guess i will be back sometime soon, so come check back soon~


PS. by the way, the picture that i posted is the caterpillar that was used as the back cover of the poetry book we created as a class in English. People didn't seem to like it much, i wonder why. But thats the flower and the fairy on the cover. Don't think its too girly, because i don't think it was. haha.