Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Toes are Cold

Hello! It has been a while since i last updated, how are you? well, where i am, it is pretty cold, well, nothing compared to the snowy areas of course. Hahaha. It is still cold enough for my feet to be numb without socks. The first week of December passed by in a buzz, and i can't believe it. Only two weeks until winter vacation, and my SAT prep and Finals seem to be even closer. My stress level has been steadily increasing, but it isn't too bad. I am coping with it. (^__^) My friends and family are very supportive, and great stress relievers. (Also, Seeing Ninomiya Kazunari and Yamashita Tomohisa doing their best at life aren't a bad push in the right direction either...hehe)
I recently donated blood, although i almost fainted. passing the iron level test to see if you are anemic does not necessarily protect you from passing out. I need to be more careful, or maybe i shouldn't participate in any blood drive next year. It was an extremely uneasy feeling, having the blood and life being sucked out of you...temporarily.
Halloween AND Thanksgiving has passed on by, and christmas is around the corner. I was able to do many fun things this fall, but now it is time for even more serious studying... I can't wait for the christmas holidays...(^__^)

That's all for now. ~~ Au Revoir!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pictorial elements

It's been a while ~ (^0^)

and it really has! How are you? Ca va bien? Well, school has started for moi, about three weeks ago. I'm already tired. -___- but i guess that's what you call Junior year. How was every one's summer? I hope it was fantastical~ I would call my summer vacation beyond fantastical. I was in Japan for the summer, for those who did not know. I traveled the whole 11 hours to Tokyo by myself, then to my home town. It was very nauseating... I wish they would make Docodemo Doors that wouldn't get us "air sick". I ate lots of tasty food, and went to many places. I also learned many customs. It was a very good learning experience. I went to my home town, and also to Kyoto twice! it was beautiful there. I wouldn't mind the mosquitos that much if i could live in Kyoto. haha. But, anyway, it was a fun trip. Now that i'm in school, i've had lots of homework, but i also had fun during the weekends (sometimes). My birthday passed recently, so my mom's friend treated us to dinner. It was yummy! We also went to a GLAY concert. "GO JIRO!" hehe. Honestly, i didn't know much about Glay before now. I would sometimes seen them as guests on TV on stations like Count Down TV, or Music Station. Seeing them live gave me a whole different opinion about the band. Lets just say, I'm listening to their songs everyday now. (>3<). I also went to the Jangtuh, korean festival yesterday. Seeing my friend that i didn't see for 3 months was fun. I also saw many people there that i hadn't talked to for over a year or more. It gave me a refreshing feeling. (^3^)

Monday, May 11, 2009

"It's Alive!!!!!!"

Hello fellow internet users! Has it been a while since i last updated this blog?? Well, not like anyone really reads this, but anywho~ How are you guys?? I just finished taking my AP Euro Test last friday. It was exhausting. My fingers felt like they were going to fall off. Not only that, but staying in a room for 5 hours for one test is not fun. Well, since i seemed to have a break for once today, i decided to make my friend a stuffed animal cat. ( I have just created a bunny rabbit for my mom on mothers day, but this is different.) It felt like i was creating special creatures that would come alive. I read a comic about something like this in Gakuen Alice, if anyone is interested. However, it diminished the life of the person who had this power. That is very sad, but i wish i could make my stuffed animals come to life, in a real walking and talking way. We are reading Mary Shelly's Frankenstein in class and it has much more depth than preceived in the movies. Very suprising! Well, we watched an old Frankstein movie from the 1930s, and i must say, the depth vanished. The monster was just a growling baffoon, and its emotions were not evident like in the book. I prefer the book version to the movie. Well, i felt like the younger generation of dr. frankensteins, creating stuffed animals and such. I should continue to read that story, so i am off to my secret laboratory! (^__~)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hi There! It's been a while since I last updated, and nothing really new has occured. School has drudged on, and i've been living my life as a zombie, but it all works out. :D I have become more and more fan crazy for arashi, and all of its members as the days go by. I am especially fond of Ninomiya-kun. <3 My mom even bought me a Nino Fan, which i cherish and stare at all day. *Note that there is only a HINT of sarcasm*. Anywho, I did some volunteer work for a Festival about two weeks ago. I got twelve hours and had fun, and that took care of that! I also made some new friends, that i won't see for another year. (T__T) Well, it was still okay. Next, testing is coming up, so there is a big stress ball coming to knock me down, but the term paper isn't due until later, so THANK YOU SENSEI! Haha~ I still have half a semester to bring my grades higher, so i shall work hard, SIR! I found a really fun video of the Arashi members. May i just say, Ninomiya's clothes are extra cute in this one. (>3<) Hehe. of course, all the members look fabulous as well. So enjoy!~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Orochon Ramen Time!

Hello bloggers! I feel re-energized right now, since it is the weekend, and i slept in. I felt very good for doing such. I was really tired anyways. (T.T) My week has been hectic as the new Spot-Op for my school musical, "Rag Time". Spot-Op= the Spotlight Operator. (^__^) Even though i am able to make new friends, it is a very time consuming job, so it really drags me down, but i have to work hard! Well, today, i went to eat at Orochon ramen with some of my friends, to be specific~Grace, Andrew, Eric and Tony. It was really fun. We all ate ramen, and Andrew ate the SUPER SPECIAL # 2, which is the spiciest, and if you eat it under 30 minutes, your picture goes on the wall. Unfortunately, my friend was too full to finish. Next time! Well, we wandered around little tokyo, and had fun. We also went to Lollicup, a boba place in K-town, where we sat and chatted. ( I was able to play twister on my friend's i-touch, it was very interesting, and i now i want an itouch.) Before all of this fun time happened, i was waiting for them at the book store. I couldn't find the comic book i was looking for, so i just bought some note books and the new Arashi single CD. YAY! Ninomiya kun is very cute these days. If you are not familar with Ninomiya kun, you should become a fan. He was in the Iwo Jima kara no Tegami movie, and he was also the japanese voice of Kuro in Tekkonkinkreet. The art in Tekkonkinkreet was superb, and his voice matched very well. I must say, he is a very talented actor. His voice is also cute. :] Yum Yum YUMMY! today was filled with things that served my appetite. My mother is enjoying her last day in japan. I hope she is having fun without me. (ToT). HAHA~ SEE YA~

Thursday, February 26, 2009


"Who dat ova dere?"- is pretty fun to say. haha, it has become my friend and my catch phrase. Very interesting, right? Anyway, how are you online people? Well, i don't really know because i don't think anyone ever reads the thoughts of this adolescent person. Right? Well, i shall ramble on about my not-so-interesting life, compared to those movie star gossip lives. I'm glad that i am not a movie star, or anything close to that, because you could get stalkers that take pictures of you picking your nose. (paparazi) I am doing my Ap Euro study reading at the momento. It is very draining, so i am taking a break and writing this blog entry. Nothing really interesting has been happening recently, but i watched the academy awards on sunday. I can't believe Kate Winslet beat all those other female leads. It was a real turn of events, but hey, i haven't watched her super well done performance, so who am i to judge? I still haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire, but i really must do so!!! I haven't heard any bad critiques about it, and i probably never will! School life is just normal, with test after test, assignment after assignment, etc after etc. I just think that it is taking over my life now. haha. I've been feeling very sad these days, because my friends from my old school never really contact me. Of course, i am not too lonely because of all my new buddies i made, but, i feel some what like an abandoned puppy. It's okay, ill gaze at this new picture of Teppei kun. :] he is quite the cutie i must say~.

My mommy is making some UDON, which are thick noodles in a type of hot broth that varies. It is very delicious. The opposite of SOBA, which are thin noodles in a cold broth. Well, i guess this will be the end of my blog entry for today. Hu Hu Hu Hu~ That's all Folks!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fresh Start

Bonjour mes amis, of the online world! Haha. It is a new year, 2009, year of the cow. Yes yes, year of the cow. Let us drink many gallons of milk this year and grow 2 inches! That is definitely something like a miracle for me. Well, i just finished finals at school, and it was quite tough. i am drained, but there is no time to rest! I have to keep going, but i have these delicious mango gummies that help keep the stress away! My new years resolution would be~ Be a good student and find a part time job. I need to do my mountains of homework, so i didn't have time to update much. FLCL has roused my mind once again, since i haven't watched the DVDs in a while. I really never understood the ending, but i think i do now. Naota is just a kid, too young to understand the adult world full of chasing giant powerful monsters on a Vesper. XD Just kidding. Anyways, it's a great animation, and those who haven't watched it yet are missing out! Ciao~ ( I aced my french final by the way!) HAHA