Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hi There! It's been a while since I last updated, and nothing really new has occured. School has drudged on, and i've been living my life as a zombie, but it all works out. :D I have become more and more fan crazy for arashi, and all of its members as the days go by. I am especially fond of Ninomiya-kun. <3 My mom even bought me a Nino Fan, which i cherish and stare at all day. *Note that there is only a HINT of sarcasm*. Anywho, I did some volunteer work for a Festival about two weeks ago. I got twelve hours and had fun, and that took care of that! I also made some new friends, that i won't see for another year. (T__T) Well, it was still okay. Next, testing is coming up, so there is a big stress ball coming to knock me down, but the term paper isn't due until later, so THANK YOU SENSEI! Haha~ I still have half a semester to bring my grades higher, so i shall work hard, SIR! I found a really fun video of the Arashi members. May i just say, Ninomiya's clothes are extra cute in this one. (>3<) Hehe. of course, all the members look fabulous as well. So enjoy!~

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