Thursday, February 26, 2009


"Who dat ova dere?"- is pretty fun to say. haha, it has become my friend and my catch phrase. Very interesting, right? Anyway, how are you online people? Well, i don't really know because i don't think anyone ever reads the thoughts of this adolescent person. Right? Well, i shall ramble on about my not-so-interesting life, compared to those movie star gossip lives. I'm glad that i am not a movie star, or anything close to that, because you could get stalkers that take pictures of you picking your nose. (paparazi) I am doing my Ap Euro study reading at the momento. It is very draining, so i am taking a break and writing this blog entry. Nothing really interesting has been happening recently, but i watched the academy awards on sunday. I can't believe Kate Winslet beat all those other female leads. It was a real turn of events, but hey, i haven't watched her super well done performance, so who am i to judge? I still haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire, but i really must do so!!! I haven't heard any bad critiques about it, and i probably never will! School life is just normal, with test after test, assignment after assignment, etc after etc. I just think that it is taking over my life now. haha. I've been feeling very sad these days, because my friends from my old school never really contact me. Of course, i am not too lonely because of all my new buddies i made, but, i feel some what like an abandoned puppy. It's okay, ill gaze at this new picture of Teppei kun. :] he is quite the cutie i must say~.

My mommy is making some UDON, which are thick noodles in a type of hot broth that varies. It is very delicious. The opposite of SOBA, which are thin noodles in a cold broth. Well, i guess this will be the end of my blog entry for today. Hu Hu Hu Hu~ That's all Folks!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fresh Start

Bonjour mes amis, of the online world! Haha. It is a new year, 2009, year of the cow. Yes yes, year of the cow. Let us drink many gallons of milk this year and grow 2 inches! That is definitely something like a miracle for me. Well, i just finished finals at school, and it was quite tough. i am drained, but there is no time to rest! I have to keep going, but i have these delicious mango gummies that help keep the stress away! My new years resolution would be~ Be a good student and find a part time job. I need to do my mountains of homework, so i didn't have time to update much. FLCL has roused my mind once again, since i haven't watched the DVDs in a while. I really never understood the ending, but i think i do now. Naota is just a kid, too young to understand the adult world full of chasing giant powerful monsters on a Vesper. XD Just kidding. Anyways, it's a great animation, and those who haven't watched it yet are missing out! Ciao~ ( I aced my french final by the way!) HAHA