Saturday, March 14, 2009

Orochon Ramen Time!

Hello bloggers! I feel re-energized right now, since it is the weekend, and i slept in. I felt very good for doing such. I was really tired anyways. (T.T) My week has been hectic as the new Spot-Op for my school musical, "Rag Time". Spot-Op= the Spotlight Operator. (^__^) Even though i am able to make new friends, it is a very time consuming job, so it really drags me down, but i have to work hard! Well, today, i went to eat at Orochon ramen with some of my friends, to be specific~Grace, Andrew, Eric and Tony. It was really fun. We all ate ramen, and Andrew ate the SUPER SPECIAL # 2, which is the spiciest, and if you eat it under 30 minutes, your picture goes on the wall. Unfortunately, my friend was too full to finish. Next time! Well, we wandered around little tokyo, and had fun. We also went to Lollicup, a boba place in K-town, where we sat and chatted. ( I was able to play twister on my friend's i-touch, it was very interesting, and i now i want an itouch.) Before all of this fun time happened, i was waiting for them at the book store. I couldn't find the comic book i was looking for, so i just bought some note books and the new Arashi single CD. YAY! Ninomiya kun is very cute these days. If you are not familar with Ninomiya kun, you should become a fan. He was in the Iwo Jima kara no Tegami movie, and he was also the japanese voice of Kuro in Tekkonkinkreet. The art in Tekkonkinkreet was superb, and his voice matched very well. I must say, he is a very talented actor. His voice is also cute. :] Yum Yum YUMMY! today was filled with things that served my appetite. My mother is enjoying her last day in japan. I hope she is having fun without me. (ToT). HAHA~ SEE YA~