Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am thankful to have gotten through the week...

Well, that's not the only thing to be thankful for, but one of many. (^_^) Thanksgiving is two days away, and I'm already picturing a giant pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, etc, etc. I did not mention turkey, well i did just now, but i didn't because it isn't my favorite part of all that delicious food. It's not bad, but i love mashed potatoes. In chemistry class today, our teacher started talking nonsense about a quiz, and everyone freaked out. It turned out to be a survey about thanksgiving. (T_T) Thanks for putting us in panic mode!!! I don't have much homework today, so i decided to write a few things... I think this computer is really distracting me from the greater, more important things in life, but what can i do? haha~
My mom bought Animal crossing: city folk for the Wii a couple days ago. We have been playing non stop for a week. It's great! It might not be that great for people who have already played the Ds version, but i think it's awsome. There are a few gliches here and there, that seriously need to be fixed, but I am really enjoying fishing up giant sea basses and helping out my critter neighbors (My next door neighbor is a white polar bear named Tutu.) Very interesting. (^___^) My plans for this four day holiday aren't quite set yet, but i really want to go to karaoke. I haven't gone since september, and it's already the end of november. Christmas is almost here too, just another month. I'll be in Boston for the holidays, with the snow. It's gonna be really fun. Now i am just rambling... A song that's been stuck in my head is Lovers Again by Exile.

Sophia's birthday was Saturday. Happy birthday!!! :D Her party was really fun. I even got to eat ice cream. ""Happiness""

I shall leave with a few pictures of randomness that i think reflect my interests now.~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love to study...

The bitter sarcasm from the words i type should be very obvious, because most people do not find studying a fun hobby. Haha. It's thursday night, 11 pm, and i really want to just tuck right into bed and dream of floating turtles and japanese idols, however, i don't have time for that! I am, at this moment, studying for a chemistry test, and afterwards, i have some grammar to freshen up on. I might just read that in the morning, but i will cram everything in the time i have left of the day. I caught a cold recently because of the lack of sleep. I must make up for it by sleeping early tomorrow and waking up late. (>3<) My body is, how do you say it, oh yes! EXHAUSTED. but i am learning to deal with it. I asked some of my friends what time they usually sleep, and they said, 1 am. i can't understand how anyone could sleep that late, and still wake up for school in the morning. I definitely could not do such a thing. (ToT) Well, i need to be getting back now, to studying, but i will leave with this picture of Ninomiya kun and a girl. I believe it is a representation of Kuro and Shiro from ekkonkinkreet, since Nino was the voice actor and all~~ <3


ps. Currently addicted to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!'s Yamamoto, the baseball player. ehe

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Post of Few Words...

AP EURO....what a work load i get in that class...


Veryyyy big work load.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Je suis fatiguee...

Bonsoir tout le monde!~ aha. Comment allez vous? It doesn't seem like many days of school passed because of all the Jewish holidays there are, thus leaving us with many days off. I plan to study my butt off for most of the time, but usually, it ends up with me cramming everything into one day, which is very bad. As a procrastinator, I just can't seem to quit. It's like I'm addicted to the procrastination plant or something. (O3O) But, I'm working to fix this problem so I won't be stressed all the time. I've had lot's of fun these past few weeks, but i can't believe it's already October! Halloween is coming, and I can't wait~! I'm actually gonna wear the costume that i wore at comicon, because i'm too lazy to find another one. Haha. Don't blame me, blame desanex....I went to the Korean festival called Jangtuh two weeks ago, and a saw a bunch of people~. It was nice. The break dancers and performers on stage were pretty cool. I had two friends perform. WOOHOO! I really wanted to eat a sweet potato, but i couldn't find anywhere that sold them. (T^T)
This weekend, I went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahuas, the movie. I don't think i spelled that correctly, but i think you understand the movie i am talking about. It was actually surprisingly very funny, but stupid. I try to argue, but It is a bit childish. This is why i went to see it with a little kid. OH! I bet you just cracked a joke right there when you read it. But i shall ignore that. I don't need to be reminded of how short I am all the time. (>3<) THANKS!!!!! XD

I have some En Francais Homework to finish up, so i guess that's all the update I have time for. Oh, by the way, school is pretty tough, but i'll get by. Ciao~ :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hello~! I haven't updated in a while, and that is because I am a lazy person. HAHA. Yes, well school has started, for about a week and a half now. I am getting kind of used to it...i guess, I made new friends, and i enjoy myself. However, I am having a lot of trouble with French because the teacher just keeps talking on and on in French, and when someone asks for clarification, that is in FRENCH TOO! Well, I just have to study today and tomorrow, and hope for the best. I will also study this weekend, so that means, no playing. I really need to work hard, or I am gonna fall behind. It really sucks how I can't chillax anymore. Well, we also ran 3 laps in PE, and the old me, who wasn't lazing about for four months would think that was super easy. The new me, however, was dying after the first lap, but i kept running, only stopping to tell the teacher, or coach, my running number. I really need to exercise more. By the winter, I would like to have lost 10 pounds...or 5. HAHA. If that is possible, I would be extremely happy. My birthday celebration was uber fun. To those who couldn't make it, you missed out. aha, but i understand. (>3<) For those who came, THANK YOU!!! It couldn't have imagined a more fun karaoke party. Thank you for all the presents, I love them. (^___^) Now, i must get back to my piles of homework that are waiting for me. Bye Bye BICYCLE!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropic Thunder: Spoiler Alert!

Aha. AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I must say, this movie kept me laughing the whole way through. Even if, at moments, it seemed a bit, how do you put it, not very understandable, but I really loved it. I was anticipating the role of jack black, but I felt that Iron Man was very funny. Tom Cruise was one fat baldy. I didn't know he would act in such a movie! He was interesting, with his dance moves and all. HAHA!! Ben Stiller is as funny as ever, especially when he was holding up the directors head, thinking it was only a prop. That grossed me out quite a bit. Well, even though I wasn't looking out for quite boys in this movie or anything, i thought the boss of the terrorist group, Black Dragon was it? or Red Dragon? something dragon... was very cute. He was played by Brandon Soo Hoo. AHA! When he was fighting with Jack Black, and also when he was holding the giant rocket launcher. Frightening, yet very cute!!! Might be better if I said COOL! VERY COOL! The little baby also, stabbing Ben Stiller in the back, poor thing. (Meaning poor Ben HAHA) Any who, this movie was great, and i give it a thumbs up!!! I am not a critic, but I felt like writing about it.

Update: My Birthday is coming up, and I am planning a birthday, i don't know what or when, or even where! But it is coming..


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Read, Read, and Read Some More (>3<)

How troublesome it is to find out that you must read a ton of books in one month. My ton is a total of 5 books, well, 6, but since I already read Lord of the Flies I don't feel like reading it over again, even if it was a very good book. Well, my vacation days are almost over, and I have two books left, and I also have to study some French, because its been shot out of my brain with a bullet filled with computer, television, and wii. That is what you call a girl without much of a life. HAHA. Furthermore, some exciting news, I passed my entrance exams with flying colors! The test consisted of three parts, where part was english vocabulary and literature. This took a while because I pondered about some words for too long. Next was the Math portion, and it seemed quite simple. I was 1 of 7 left in the room to finish the test, since everyone else seems to be more competent at taking tests. I hate tests, but what can I do? I just have to try my best, and I did. The last part is to get into Honors English, where I first, read a selection of poems and excerpts, then answered questions. The surprise at the end was a character analysis essay. It took a while to actually get an idea in my head. Those were exhausting...Now, I got my schedule, and there isn't much fun in it, since I'll just be taking art during the summer. I just have to deal with it!!!!
In between reading novel after novel, I am also goofing off by reading Manga. It's bad for my eyes, but who gives a crap now? I already have glasses. HAHAHA....well, they will only get worse, so I need to stop........must.....STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, what i usually read are the girly romance mangas, where the guys are super good looking. yes, SUPER good looking. I just hope Beverly will have some guys like that.....Anyways, I think I am going to read again, so Bye for now!~

P.S, the image represents my love for studying...cough

Monday, August 4, 2008

REGISTERED, and content

Well, I am finally an official student of Beverly Hills High School, and i can proudly hold my head up high as one. haha. The only thing is, i have to take a test on english and math. BOOHOO! Well, Comicon was very fun, because I bought a bunch of junk, took pictures, ate food (of course, or i would starve), went swimming, and all that jazz. (^___^) My friends from England came too, so It was not boring at all. haha, sometimes, I had wished for a bit of bore time to just relax. I did not get any amount of studying done, so i have to now. How many days have i been telling myself this, and not doing anything?! I also did some cosplaying at comicon, it was very fun. My Goth Lolita Outfit might be in a magazine, and i think it's called Goth magazine, or something. HOW ORIGINAL! My eyes fill with tears at the originality of it all...K-bird was here through it all, but he left for North Carolina yesterday. I shall miss you and your poopness. Anyways, i would like to say, that my feelings are a bit hurt now... My friends who i had known for many years now have abandoned me, like an unwanted puppy. (T__T) It is partially my fault for not trying to stay in contact, but they could call...I would definitely want to go if they said to hang out...I guess it's just that i am not one of them anymore, and was kicked out of this POSSEY. haha...Oh well... On a lighter note, the wedding of Yumiko and Robert that i attended yesterday was lively and filled with happiness. I congratulate both of them. I even made new friends who live in Japan. YAY. Until Next Time~

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"I can drive!" said the mushroom...

Another day of my summer vacation, and i didn't change out of my pajama's until about 2 in the afternoon. That is just absolute laziness. Sometimes, my head starts to hurt from the long days in Pjs. Today, I discovered something new in the Wii Mario Kart racing game...which is...~DRUM ROLL PLEASE!~ Wifi racing. This is, well, probably all gamers, and even non gamers know this, and that is the ability to connect with other game geeks all across our globe. Now, I knew there was a type of program in the game, but I had not discovered it yet. It was quite noticeable, but my eyes were oblivious to the section of the game. Now, I spent a good thirty- sixty minutes testing it out, and I met a couple Japanese people on there. I didn't talk to them, but it was still fun. Compared to those racers, I was nothing close to being good, and my highest score was fourth place. I yelled at the television screen, too into the game to even care what the neighbors were thinking. HAHAHA! Now, after a few hours passed of not playing with my Wii, my mommy and I decided to play together. It took a very long time for her to get the hang of it, but it was entertaining and funny. She finally got in first place, and to celebrate, she ate a maccha ice cream popsicle. It is very delicious. For those who don't know what maccha is, that is green tea. It is very GREEN. Not BROWN. Who expects green tea ice cream to be brown?? Anyways, even though I should have educated my brain by reading the book Interview with a Vampire, I just kept playing games and reading comics today.*sigh..I must control myselff* Tomorrow is a day dedicated to reading... !!! ~Reading Rainbow, Butterflies in the sky...lalalalaaaaalalaaaa...Just Take a look, its in a book, READING RAINBOWWW~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Life

It has been two months since i last updated, i am very sorry. Well, here it goes...

June passed by very quickly, where i did things, but usually i was geeking out in front of the computer reading comics or watching drama/anime. My eyes are probably getting worse as the seconds pass while typing this. (>3<) Very irresponsible, but for some reason, I CANT STOP!!!! I think it is because the computer is now located in my room. Why is this? you might ask? Well, I moved to Beverly Hills so i could go to High school there. An opportunity arose so we could choose between going closer to my old school, or going to a whole different city. We decided on the whole different city. I really like my new house, except for the small fact that i wake up to the sound of buses, cars, and trucks rushing past my window. Even when they are closed it seems like i am right out on the street. I should get sound proof guards in my room so i can't hear it. I guess i should put up with it since everyone else on my street seem to have the same problem. Now, my home is like a six room apartment for singles. My mom and I fit just perfectly in the house, because it is spacious and better than we hoped. We have four neighbors, since the fifth had just recently moved out, and they are all pretty friendly. However, a family next door had decided on the same future as myself, moving to BH to go to BHHS. I sincerely hope that my time there will be full of fun experiences, etc, etc, ETC. How would you spell ETC? is it excetra? xcetra? ecetra? exsetra? Well, i am unsure, as you can tell. I also went to Disneyland >3< and hung out with friends in the month of June, which raps up that month...
NOW, it is still the beginning of July, and i have a lot to look forward too, which include COMICON, and wait, that was it. haha. I must relax and save money so to buy lots of things. I am planning to wear a costume this year, and i am going to go check them out today. It is already the thirteenth, so i must start studying for my test on the 18th of august. I must practice my alg.2/trig. because my brain has turned to mush. Must be cautious... BYE BYE BICYCLE for now :D...(Ripped it off of Nobuta wo Produce drama)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun in the Sun?

What a nice week of...HOT MELTING WEATHER! goodness, i was dying from the heat, and my face was sweating like a dog. I had many events to go to this week, including a reunion, and then the next week, a small BBQ get together. I was glad to see everyone, it was really fun. I don't think many people really changed though, so we might have to wait a couple more years until a full change in body/ character for all my friends. This also includes me, and my childish nature. I think i gotta start growing up soon, or else people will continue to treat me as such, which isn't very bad, because of the free candy you get. JUST KIDDING! Well, what is helpful for looking young is that, when i pass by the free condom givers, they overlook me. hahaha. thank you, because i think that stuff is gross. XD yes yes, very gross.
Back to the reunion~ We ate at this place with korean BBQ, and it had a grand total of about 690 dollars. GOSH. i can't believe it, but the food was good. Everyone was pigging out, and loud, so we had to keep pointing to the sign. Of course, i would sometimes scream out from the hot sparks that would fly onto my arm. haha. my clothes were really stinky afterwards, but it didn't matter because everyone else was also stinky.
We all gathered at a close friend's house, named Kristen. She was able to fit everyone, and people were all starting to get anxious. Some were playing games in the living room, others basketball, and many of them were also dancing. I also tried to get into the GROOOVY mood, but it didn't work out, so i just rode the scooter, played volley ball with a balloon, and rocked out with ROCK BAND. hahaha. i am a "sad case in Japanese history" haha, as someone always says.
Everything worked out great, and it was great seeing everyone. Hope this happens again <3

Monday, May 5, 2008

Vacation Days

Well hello there. It is Monday night, and i am quite sleepy, even though it is only 10:40, where most people are just getting started... I on the other hand get tired very easily, must be because of my small body...(yes yes, you may laugh!) I am finally on the vacation that i had been waiting for since January...(that's when the second semester of 9Th grade started). i am now an official sophomore. yay yay!!! *throws up graduation hats* wait! no time for that. It has been very hectic this week, going from one place to another...and i've spent WAYYY too much money without working for it. (i need to start doing more dishes and housework...) lets see..i went to take some purikura pictures wayyyy to many times and also went to six flags. I am having plenty of fun, but intercession/summer school starts on wednesday, so i gotta enjoy my freedom.

Recently, i have been reading many different manga series, such as Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club, and i hate the fact that i am unable to read japanese, and must use the American translations. Just understand them speak is great, but not being able to read it is very frustrating. Of course, i am still enjoying my days at the computer as an OTAKU. hahaha. (meaning super geek). My mom has been laughing at me when she looks over and i have tears dripping from my eyes and having a butt ugly face while speaking to the computer screen. Oh what good times. XD my imagination has been going wild because of these Shojo stories. Oh well, i love the LOVE.

What else...Oh right, i am going to get a hair cut tomorrow, and also going to karaoke with my mom. I LOVE SINGING. hahaha. it's such a fun activity..i need to make a list of songs to sing...maybe i will test out how good i am with the GREEEEN songs. Even though my days are full of activities, i was very lonely, so i decided to go visit my friends who go to fairfax. riding my bike there was very fun...they were all there, i missed them very much. <3333.
I must get back to my life...so good night, and sleep tight. dont let the bed bugs bite *wink*

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Game Over

T___T. I have this new game, called TokiMeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season. It's this game where you spend 3 years, which is cut into probably 10 hours? or 6? and try to get this boy to fall in love with you. hahaha. I kno, who would play such a game? Well, i would. hahaha. It's very fun, and makes people fall in love with imaginary boys. Goodness, how bad is that? XD haha. Anyways, i was playing this game in the morning, waking up at 7 to do so. And!!! The boy i was after kind of disappeared. T___T i didn't know where he went, and then suddenly i was graduating. No romance. GREAT! hahaha. Well, i am going to try again later, but now i must do review for math. <3 Woohoo. okay. Bye bye.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Caramel Corn

Famima. It's a really nice place, with some japanese snacks, and a few things that you don't see at regular market places. It's kind of a replica of a japanese super market. My mom and i went shopping after school, and bought a bunch of snacks. Yum Yum! I am eating caramel corn at the moment, they are strawberry flavored. The snacks japanese people make are so delicious, not to sound conceded, but they taste hella good!! haha. I believe most people will agree with this statement. >___> haha. One more week of school! WOOHOO. i can't believe how fast time goes by. I'm kind of sad, and i will be a tenth grader in two months. Ew. I don't really want to grow up, but i guess i have no choice. Oh well. T___T I will just have to enjoy my childhood as long as i can. Good thing i look like a ten year old. <3 I best be getting back to eating my caramel corn and doing my project, which is my history final.

Have a nice weekend. :]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Test. Test. TEST!!!

Hello fellow bloggers. I am here once again, to inform you of my life that is nothing better than it was before. The loads of homework are still in my room, and now i have to study for three tests. WOW. i just love taking tests. I hope you know that was sarcasm. haha. Anyways, my school year has come to an end, i have a week left, with finals to look forward too. The two month break that i had been looking forward to is only a short distance away. I haven't really planned anything special, but i would like to be going to the pool and getting a tan, not those ugly farmer tans.

Well, next semester, ill be taking about three AP classes, which seems like something that will be taking up much of my time. THERE GOES MY LIFE!! That doesn't matter, i didn't have much of one before anyways. I mean, I do, but not like those teenage lives you see on television or movies. You know what i'm talking about, right? Those movies where the teenager has an alcoholic father, and escapes and becomes some huge celebrity. Well, something like that.. I just finished reading this awesome book, haha, my nerdy self has been unleashed. The book i found is called Looking for Alaska. It's about this guy named Miles who goes away to Boarding School, away from the loner life, and begins a whole new life towards what he calls, his "Great Perhaps". I personally loved the book, and whoever is reading this, i hope you check it out sometime. it was really good, it's an Young Adult book, so no kids under 13 !!! not like it matters, but there is some content not suitable for kids. Haha. What am i saying?? I watched Kill Bill when i was 10. XD goodness.

I guess i will be back sometime soon, so come check back soon~


PS. by the way, the picture that i posted is the caterpillar that was used as the back cover of the poetry book we created as a class in English. People didn't seem to like it much, i wonder why. But thats the flower and the fairy on the cover. Don't think its too girly, because i don't think it was. haha.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Mornings

Oh, the sweet smell of morning, it's crisp and sunny. I want to eat it all up. I woke up around 7, and i don't know why. T___T
I should have slept in, but i guess even if i go to bed late, i just rise with the sun. Anyway, the day ahead is full of Homework, and more homework. nothing to look forward too...
Mommy went snowboarding this morning, and i could have gone too, but i have a test tomorrow, so i can't be tired for that...

Hmmm. I wish i had gone, but if i did, my homework would have sat in my room unfinished. I need to get to it!! Well, this is the start of my fourth blog, CHOBI rinko. I deleted my other ones. I hope you find my life a bit interesting...