Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring break~!

Spring break is here!!! And i am so glad that it is. It's been a hectic couple of months, and i've had no time to update my blog. I'm sorry. (>3<) Now, i've taken the SAT once. It was quite exhausting. I need to practice more so i can be more precise with my answers and such. (^__^) My love for manga has heightened, and it's extremely hot on the west coast. (ToT) Totally summer time. It's not even spring, it's summer!!! The weather sure has mood swings. Just the other day, it was extremely cold, and now it's very hot. I don't like these changes. I wish the weather could make up its mind already. XD Then i would be happy. Well, recently, Arashi has been taking over my life. They are so fabulously FABULOUS. As an idol group, they are both talented and funny. Ninomiya Kazunari is my favorite from the group. Sakurai Sho is my second favorite. They are both extremely talented in everything they do. I wish them, and the rest of Arashi best of luck from here on out. I am a dutiful arashi fan. YEA!!!!!!!!!!! I have bought Soul Silver, the pokemon game. It is awsome! I haven't even come close to collecting all of them pokemon, and i probably never will. My friend and i have been trading the little creatures, and exchange our progress. The game has advanced quite a lot from what it had been when the very first pokemon came out. It's just one of the many examples of how things change as "Life goes on". (The Dragon Ash song by the same title is great. check it out!)
I plan on going to Karaoke soon this week for spring break. I'm also doing set shift crew for our school musical this year as well. Last year was as spot. This year is going to be quite a different experience, and i am very excited.

Well, i think that is enough for today. Until next time~~