Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropic Thunder: Spoiler Alert!

Aha. AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I must say, this movie kept me laughing the whole way through. Even if, at moments, it seemed a bit, how do you put it, not very understandable, but I really loved it. I was anticipating the role of jack black, but I felt that Iron Man was very funny. Tom Cruise was one fat baldy. I didn't know he would act in such a movie! He was interesting, with his dance moves and all. HAHA!! Ben Stiller is as funny as ever, especially when he was holding up the directors head, thinking it was only a prop. That grossed me out quite a bit. Well, even though I wasn't looking out for quite boys in this movie or anything, i thought the boss of the terrorist group, Black Dragon was it? or Red Dragon? something dragon... was very cute. He was played by Brandon Soo Hoo. AHA! When he was fighting with Jack Black, and also when he was holding the giant rocket launcher. Frightening, yet very cute!!! Might be better if I said COOL! VERY COOL! The little baby also, stabbing Ben Stiller in the back, poor thing. (Meaning poor Ben HAHA) Any who, this movie was great, and i give it a thumbs up!!! I am not a critic, but I felt like writing about it.

Update: My Birthday is coming up, and I am planning a birthday, i don't know what or when, or even where! But it is coming..


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Read, Read, and Read Some More (>3<)

How troublesome it is to find out that you must read a ton of books in one month. My ton is a total of 5 books, well, 6, but since I already read Lord of the Flies I don't feel like reading it over again, even if it was a very good book. Well, my vacation days are almost over, and I have two books left, and I also have to study some French, because its been shot out of my brain with a bullet filled with computer, television, and wii. That is what you call a girl without much of a life. HAHA. Furthermore, some exciting news, I passed my entrance exams with flying colors! The test consisted of three parts, where part was english vocabulary and literature. This took a while because I pondered about some words for too long. Next was the Math portion, and it seemed quite simple. I was 1 of 7 left in the room to finish the test, since everyone else seems to be more competent at taking tests. I hate tests, but what can I do? I just have to try my best, and I did. The last part is to get into Honors English, where I first, read a selection of poems and excerpts, then answered questions. The surprise at the end was a character analysis essay. It took a while to actually get an idea in my head. Those were exhausting...Now, I got my schedule, and there isn't much fun in it, since I'll just be taking art during the summer. I just have to deal with it!!!!
In between reading novel after novel, I am also goofing off by reading Manga. It's bad for my eyes, but who gives a crap now? I already have glasses. HAHAHA....well, they will only get worse, so I need to stop........must.....STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, what i usually read are the girly romance mangas, where the guys are super good looking. yes, SUPER good looking. I just hope Beverly will have some guys like that.....Anyways, I think I am going to read again, so Bye for now!~

P.S, the image represents my love for studying...cough

Monday, August 4, 2008

REGISTERED, and content

Well, I am finally an official student of Beverly Hills High School, and i can proudly hold my head up high as one. haha. The only thing is, i have to take a test on english and math. BOOHOO! Well, Comicon was very fun, because I bought a bunch of junk, took pictures, ate food (of course, or i would starve), went swimming, and all that jazz. (^___^) My friends from England came too, so It was not boring at all. haha, sometimes, I had wished for a bit of bore time to just relax. I did not get any amount of studying done, so i have to now. How many days have i been telling myself this, and not doing anything?! I also did some cosplaying at comicon, it was very fun. My Goth Lolita Outfit might be in a magazine, and i think it's called Goth magazine, or something. HOW ORIGINAL! My eyes fill with tears at the originality of it all...K-bird was here through it all, but he left for North Carolina yesterday. I shall miss you and your poopness. Anyways, i would like to say, that my feelings are a bit hurt now... My friends who i had known for many years now have abandoned me, like an unwanted puppy. (T__T) It is partially my fault for not trying to stay in contact, but they could call...I would definitely want to go if they said to hang out...I guess it's just that i am not one of them anymore, and was kicked out of this POSSEY. haha...Oh well... On a lighter note, the wedding of Yumiko and Robert that i attended yesterday was lively and filled with happiness. I congratulate both of them. I even made new friends who live in Japan. YAY. Until Next Time~