Monday, May 11, 2009

"It's Alive!!!!!!"

Hello fellow internet users! Has it been a while since i last updated this blog?? Well, not like anyone really reads this, but anywho~ How are you guys?? I just finished taking my AP Euro Test last friday. It was exhausting. My fingers felt like they were going to fall off. Not only that, but staying in a room for 5 hours for one test is not fun. Well, since i seemed to have a break for once today, i decided to make my friend a stuffed animal cat. ( I have just created a bunny rabbit for my mom on mothers day, but this is different.) It felt like i was creating special creatures that would come alive. I read a comic about something like this in Gakuen Alice, if anyone is interested. However, it diminished the life of the person who had this power. That is very sad, but i wish i could make my stuffed animals come to life, in a real walking and talking way. We are reading Mary Shelly's Frankenstein in class and it has much more depth than preceived in the movies. Very suprising! Well, we watched an old Frankstein movie from the 1930s, and i must say, the depth vanished. The monster was just a growling baffoon, and its emotions were not evident like in the book. I prefer the book version to the movie. Well, i felt like the younger generation of dr. frankensteins, creating stuffed animals and such. I should continue to read that story, so i am off to my secret laboratory! (^__~)