Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Toes are Cold

Hello! It has been a while since i last updated, how are you? well, where i am, it is pretty cold, well, nothing compared to the snowy areas of course. Hahaha. It is still cold enough for my feet to be numb without socks. The first week of December passed by in a buzz, and i can't believe it. Only two weeks until winter vacation, and my SAT prep and Finals seem to be even closer. My stress level has been steadily increasing, but it isn't too bad. I am coping with it. (^__^) My friends and family are very supportive, and great stress relievers. (Also, Seeing Ninomiya Kazunari and Yamashita Tomohisa doing their best at life aren't a bad push in the right direction either...hehe)
I recently donated blood, although i almost fainted. passing the iron level test to see if you are anemic does not necessarily protect you from passing out. I need to be more careful, or maybe i shouldn't participate in any blood drive next year. It was an extremely uneasy feeling, having the blood and life being sucked out of you...temporarily.
Halloween AND Thanksgiving has passed on by, and christmas is around the corner. I was able to do many fun things this fall, but now it is time for even more serious studying... I can't wait for the christmas holidays...(^__^)

That's all for now. ~~ Au Revoir!