Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pictorial elements

It's been a while ~ (^0^)

and it really has! How are you? Ca va bien? Well, school has started for moi, about three weeks ago. I'm already tired. -___- but i guess that's what you call Junior year. How was every one's summer? I hope it was fantastical~ I would call my summer vacation beyond fantastical. I was in Japan for the summer, for those who did not know. I traveled the whole 11 hours to Tokyo by myself, then to my home town. It was very nauseating... I wish they would make Docodemo Doors that wouldn't get us "air sick". I ate lots of tasty food, and went to many places. I also learned many customs. It was a very good learning experience. I went to my home town, and also to Kyoto twice! it was beautiful there. I wouldn't mind the mosquitos that much if i could live in Kyoto. haha. But, anyway, it was a fun trip. Now that i'm in school, i've had lots of homework, but i also had fun during the weekends (sometimes). My birthday passed recently, so my mom's friend treated us to dinner. It was yummy! We also went to a GLAY concert. "GO JIRO!" hehe. Honestly, i didn't know much about Glay before now. I would sometimes seen them as guests on TV on stations like Count Down TV, or Music Station. Seeing them live gave me a whole different opinion about the band. Lets just say, I'm listening to their songs everyday now. (>3<). I also went to the Jangtuh, korean festival yesterday. Seeing my friend that i didn't see for 3 months was fun. I also saw many people there that i hadn't talked to for over a year or more. It gave me a refreshing feeling. (^3^)