Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am thankful to have gotten through the week...

Well, that's not the only thing to be thankful for, but one of many. (^_^) Thanksgiving is two days away, and I'm already picturing a giant pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, etc, etc. I did not mention turkey, well i did just now, but i didn't because it isn't my favorite part of all that delicious food. It's not bad, but i love mashed potatoes. In chemistry class today, our teacher started talking nonsense about a quiz, and everyone freaked out. It turned out to be a survey about thanksgiving. (T_T) Thanks for putting us in panic mode!!! I don't have much homework today, so i decided to write a few things... I think this computer is really distracting me from the greater, more important things in life, but what can i do? haha~
My mom bought Animal crossing: city folk for the Wii a couple days ago. We have been playing non stop for a week. It's great! It might not be that great for people who have already played the Ds version, but i think it's awsome. There are a few gliches here and there, that seriously need to be fixed, but I am really enjoying fishing up giant sea basses and helping out my critter neighbors (My next door neighbor is a white polar bear named Tutu.) Very interesting. (^___^) My plans for this four day holiday aren't quite set yet, but i really want to go to karaoke. I haven't gone since september, and it's already the end of november. Christmas is almost here too, just another month. I'll be in Boston for the holidays, with the snow. It's gonna be really fun. Now i am just rambling... A song that's been stuck in my head is Lovers Again by Exile.

Sophia's birthday was Saturday. Happy birthday!!! :D Her party was really fun. I even got to eat ice cream. ""Happiness""

I shall leave with a few pictures of randomness that i think reflect my interests now.~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love to study...

The bitter sarcasm from the words i type should be very obvious, because most people do not find studying a fun hobby. Haha. It's thursday night, 11 pm, and i really want to just tuck right into bed and dream of floating turtles and japanese idols, however, i don't have time for that! I am, at this moment, studying for a chemistry test, and afterwards, i have some grammar to freshen up on. I might just read that in the morning, but i will cram everything in the time i have left of the day. I caught a cold recently because of the lack of sleep. I must make up for it by sleeping early tomorrow and waking up late. (>3<) My body is, how do you say it, oh yes! EXHAUSTED. but i am learning to deal with it. I asked some of my friends what time they usually sleep, and they said, 1 am. i can't understand how anyone could sleep that late, and still wake up for school in the morning. I definitely could not do such a thing. (ToT) Well, i need to be getting back now, to studying, but i will leave with this picture of Ninomiya kun and a girl. I believe it is a representation of Kuro and Shiro from ekkonkinkreet, since Nino was the voice actor and all~~ <3


ps. Currently addicted to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!'s Yamamoto, the baseball player. ehe